Enter the Blogger

I am not quite sure who reads these kick off posts, as most people probably will only come to this site to get to the relevant content  – which I am sure is far more interesting….  That being said, let’s launch this blog with the obligatory self-referential post.  Go ahead and warm up those RSS readers while I get through the de rigueur initial content.

Who am I?

I am currently a consultant with the UMT Consulting Group, one of the premiere project portfolio management consulting companies in the world, universe, or galaxy for all I know.  I’m a Buckeye-in-exile, currently based in Houston, Texas and have been a Microsoft Project MVP since July 2010 – hopefully continuing in that status for quite a while. 

What I do is to help organizations get better at doing what they do – typically with the help of the Microsoft enterprise project management toolset.

What content should you expect?

This blog will definitely talk about tips, tricks and usage guidance for Microsoft Project, Project Server and SharePoint – mostly around getting better at project portfolio management.  This blog will probably address the UMT Project Financial Server at some point.

Interspersed betwixt those postings will most likely be musings on deployment best practices, project management topics, background information for presentations, and open letters to potential clients looking to improve their own project management capabilities.  To keep things interesting, every now and then, I just might throw out a post about Mongolia, where I lived during the late 90s and still have a number of personal connections.

What content should you not expect?

This blog will likely be devoid of deeply technical content.  If you’re looking for code, you’ll have to find it somewhere else.  I like to stick to the technical level of power user or business owner.

So where’s the Web 2.0 hook?

Feel free to continue the discussion in the comments below or via the following channels:

Twitter: @alavinsky

Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/in/azlav 

…and that’s about it for this post…..now cue the content….

Enter the Blogger

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