The 2011 Project Server 2010 Blogroll

Every year or so, I like to make a list of the active blogs that I follow on the topic of Microsoft Project and Project Server 2010.  Here’s the last one I did from October 2009. (link)

Other folks have had a similar idea.  Here’s Christophe’s list from last year. (link)

Note that this list is far from complete.  The criteria to make it on this list consists of:

  1. The blog has an RSS feed (with some exceptions).  I am too lazy to read blogs without RSS feeds.
  2. The blog is in English, a language I understand, or at least a Romance language that I can decipher with perhaps the help of online translation tools.
  3. There has been a post about Microsoft Project or Project Server in the last 5-6 months, which allows me to conclude the blog is still active and has relevant content.

I apologize in advance if I left anyone off of this list.  Feel free to drop me a line to add anything new.  Also feel free to check out the aggregation site ProjectServerBlogs which pulls from a number of these feeds.

ID Title URL
1 Advisicon Blog
2 All about Enterprise Project Management (EPM)
3 Anup Dholakia’s World of EPM and MOSS Technologies
4 Arpan Shah’s Blog
5 BeMo – Project Intel Blog
6 Ben Howard, Applepark – Project Server Consultant
7 Brian Smith’s Project Support WebLog
8 Carl’s Project Server Blog
9 Cash In EPM
10 Christophe Fiessinger
11 Do More Than Manage
12 Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solutions
13 EPM Guru
14 EPM Team
15 EPM, Microsoft Project and You
16 Franck Mercier
17 Jimblog
18 Microsoft Enterprise Project Management Content Publishing News
19 Microsoft EPM Solution – PJ Mistry
20 Microsoft Office Project
21 Microsoft Project 2003 – 2010 Tips
22 Microsoft Project Server 2010 Setup, Configuration and Upgrade
24 MSProject Blog
25 Mundo EPM
26 Noham’s Blog
27 Peter Kestenholz’s EPM Blog
28 Project
29 Project Epistemology
30 Project Hosts Blog
31 Project Programmability
32 Project Server Blog
33 Project Server Blogs
34 Project Server Help Blog: Posts
35 Project Server Rocks
36 projectified
37 ProjectNation by Bill Raymond
38 Projectopolis
39 projhugger
41 Sam Huffman’s Project Blog
42 SharkPro Projects Blog
43 Springhouse Blog Updates
44 The EPM Source
45 UMT Blog
46 UMT CG Software Blog
The 2011 Project Server 2010 Blogroll

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