New Portfolio Analysis White Paper Published

I am pleased to announce that a white paper I wrote on portfolio analysis with Microsoft Project Server 2010 has been released by Microsoft on Technet.  The paper is essentially a manual for business users trying to configure and use the portfolio analysis functionality.

Link to the announcement:

Link to the actual paper:

So yes, less than one short week after this blog was thrown into the world, we have already sunk to a new low…a blog post about a blog post about a paper based on a blog post.  Never fear.  Real content resumes tomorrow.

New Portfolio Analysis White Paper Published

4 thoughts on “New Portfolio Analysis White Paper Published

  1. …and the prize to the first person to find mistakes goes to fellow MVP, Ben Howard of Applepark. ( It would appear that I am an ok consultant, but a lousy proofreader. Please notice the following errata:

    p26 – I used the term “project” twice when I should have used the word “driver”
    p60 – “n to the second power” should read “2 to the nth power”

  2. …and another one….on Figure 75, the normalization of the drivers should be by row, not by column as the paper states. You’ll see that Figure 76 actually shows the correct outcome of that calculation.

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