Creating a My Projects View

With the expansion of Project Server 2010 to include enhanced capabilities in browser-based project creation, I have found many organizations hard pressed to manage the sheer numbers of projects that now appear in the Project Center view.

This post documents a quick and easy view that may be created within the Project Center view to filter projects on only those projects where the user is the owner, essentially creating a “My Projects” view.

This technique is based on two assumptions:

  1. Your organization, like many organizations, allows project managers to see all projects read-only – or at least all projects within specific parameters.
  2. Your organization is using a more or less default security model (whatever that means).  Let’s say that your security model isn’t too crazy and hopefully is compatible with this configuration.

Create the View

Navigate to the Manage View option within Server Settings.


Make a copy of the Project Center Summary View.  Note that I like to prefix any custom view with a “*” and the company name.  This allows me to easily identify the more commonly used views.


Take the view out of every category but the My Projects category.


Confirm Security Settings

For the next step, we’re going to review the My Projects security settings as applied to the Project Manager group.  Within Server Settings, navigate to the option to Manage Categories.

Click on the My Projects category. 


Note the default settings for the category.


Uncheck two of the boxes so the settings look like this.


Note that this may have some unintended consequences as the Team Members may be using that category to view projects to which they have been assigned.  If you believe that changing this security model may have a significant impact on your organization, simply copy the My Projects category in the beginning and then follow the same instructions.

The end result should be a filtered list of personal projects within the Project Center view.

Creating a My Projects View

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