Tracking Actual Costs in Microsoft Project 2010 (Part III)

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.  At this point, I probably should be arm wrestling Brian Kennemer for the title of who“endlessly obsesses over Microsoft Project” more.  (And Brian, watch out, I’ll be looking for you in Phoenix next year.)  In this exciting post, I’ll talk about how Actual Cost tracking is impacted by the project status Date.  Woohoo!  Sure to be a fascinating beach read to close out the summer.

This kind of reminds me of Take Your Daughter to Work Day a couple years back.  I brought my daughter to work and showed here what a consultant does.  Needless to say, she was bored stiff.

Manually Adjusting Actual Costs for Tasks with Multiple Assignments

So my goal with this post is to wrap up my treatment of manually editing Actual Cost for in progress tasks, specifically to see how Project allocates Task level Actual Cost to multiple resource assignments.

So I set up a simple project with a single task and two assigned resources.  Each resource is assigned to a 10d task at a cost of $1.000/d.


I change the Task Actual Cost to $10,000, and interestingly enough, the tool appears to allocate that evenly to each resource.


Very nice.  What about if the resources are unevenly allocated.  In the next test, I allocated one resource at $10,000 and one resource at $5,000.


Again, I apply the $10,000 to the Task Actual Cost field…


…and Project appears to allocate the Actual Cost according to the percentage that each assignment contributes to the Task total cost.  Again, well played Microsoft Project team: a subtle, but useful function that probably doesn’t get used all that much.

Minor caveat though.  When I hit Ctrl-Z to undo the changes, it looks like it undoes the task update, but not the resource update.


Next up….modifying the Status Date to impact cost accrual.

Tracking Actual Costs in Microsoft Project 2010 (Part III)

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