Scheduling Milestones for Specific Days of the Week

Here’s a little trick that may come in useful when developing your schedules.  The scenario here is that you have a milestone such as key meeting or review or training kick off or go-live date, but that event has to happen on a specific day of the week.

Let’s take a typical consulting example.  Let’s assume that the consultant is traveling to the client site, and generally works Monday through Thursday on-site.  The hypothetical consultant returns home and works remotely on Friday.

Now let’s say that the consultant wishes to schedule a key internal review of the project work.  He doesn’t want to use precious on-site time to have that conversation, instead choosing to schedule that discussion on a Friday. 

We can first set up that discussion as a milestone.


Create a new calendar that we will call “Off Site.”  Set every day but Friday to be non-working time.


Apply the calendar to the milestone. Set the option Ignore Resource Calendar to “Yes” if you have a resource assigned.  That’s not required in this case, but it could be if the resource wasn’t scheduled to work on Friday, or as more often happens, the task falls on a weekend.


Note that the milestone seems to ignore the calendar.  This is because the milestone, having no duration, is not subject to the task calendar.

Now, set the milestone to a duration of 1 minute.  The task moves to a Friday.


Check the option to Mark the Task as Milestone.


You now have a milestone that is only going to happen on a Friday.


Have a whole string of tasks that have to start on a specific day of the week?  Just lead off with one of those 1 minute milestones, then add a bunch of successors.

Scheduling Milestones for Specific Days of the Week

One thought on “Scheduling Milestones for Specific Days of the Week

  1. Mike Glen says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Can I offer an extra step? When making the milestone calendar, change the working time to 07:59 to 08:00 (assuming you normally start at 08:00). In this way all successors with continue to start at 08:00. Otherwise, they will start at 08:01 and finish off the remaining 1 minute the following working day.

    Mike Glen
    Project MVP(97-11)
    See for my free Project Tutorials

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