Happy New Year!

…Mongolian New Year that is.  May your animals fatten nicely…

In honor of the holiday, I figured that I’d include this useful vocabulary tip from a Project Manager’s Guide to the Mongolian Language:

Buda – dry rice.  Not cohesive.  No matter how hard you squeeze a handful of dry rice, it will never stick together.  Example: “Call a wrecker, this car is buda.” or “Stick a fork in it and call it done.  This project team is buda.”

Yag Shuu Dee – (pronounced “Yagshday”).  “Yes,” but actually meaning “No.”  The ironic equivalent of “Yeah, right.”  As in “Project management is great!  Yag Shuu Dee.”

Link below for further reading….

Tsagaansar 2012

…and pictures from our last trip to the Land of Blue Sky – although it was more grey sky at the time.

Happy New Year!

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