Project Server Business Intelligence Resources (Part 1)

Thanks again to all of the folks who attended the sessions I presented with Mike McLean at the Project Conference.  This post is a follow up to those presentations, and includes links to additional reference material as well as links to instructions on how to recreate the scenarios we demonstrated.

Feel free to add feedback at the bottom…  I’ll make sure that it all gets shared with Mike.

The General Stuff

  1. First off, the obligatory BI poster.  This is the latest link to Microsoft’s one page overview of the latest BI options – and more importantly how to select an appropriate one.
  2. Next, we have the also-obligatory shameless plug for my own content.  Here’s a little white paper I wrote last year that walks you through the various reporting options available.  It probably needs a refresh, but is still a good resource – although as the author, I am hardly unbiased in that opinion.
  3. The Project Server Content Pivot.  Amaze your friends with this vision of Technet next.  No, really, this is just a slick way of collecting all of the Project Server into one slick package.  Lots of reporting goodness posted here.
  4. The Microsoft BI Center.  Take a look at this list of resources and case studies to get ideas of how to use many of the tools that have probably already been deployed within your organization.
  5. Microsoft’s page of resources on getting started with BI in Project Server.

ODC Files

As we discussed in the presentation, Office Data Connection files are simple text files that tell Excel or Visio how to connect to the source data.  In the examples we presented, those ODC files were generated on the demo Contoso image using SQL queries.

Here’s a link to a Text file containing all of the queries that we used.  Please test these out in a test environment before deploying to any sort of production hardware.  These are presented as is, with no implied warranties or support.

Visio Services

(Note that some of these links reference blog posts in the queue that have not yet been published.  If the link doesn’t work today, it will within the next week or so.  If it doesn’t work by mid-April or so, please let me know.)


  1. Mapping project data to geographic elements in a Visio chart. (Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3)


2.  Developing a portfolio timeline view in Visio Services. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).  Note that the Visio template may be downloaded here.  Make sure to follow the instructions for getting it set up though.


3.  Developing a project timeline view in Visio Services.  I lumped both the report above and below in this blog post as they’re essentially the same thing behind the scenes.


Next up….Excel Services, PerformancePoint, External Content Types and more….

Project Server Business Intelligence Resources (Part 1)

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