Bringing Workflow Tasks to the PDP

Well, it’s been quite a summer this year.  Had a great vacation, started an exciting project, and everything was going gangbusters until my left knee unilaterally declared a work stoppage and decided to go on strike until further notice.  (No worries, the doctor tells me it’s fixable).  Being on crutches and somewhat immobile has inspired me to get back into the blogging again.

Since it’s been a workflow kind of month, I figured I’d kick off this blogging with a nice easy post where I took the same old trick I’ve been using for the last year, and apply it to the Workflow Task List.


In this case, I realized that it was getting annoying to validate a solution in development when I would push a project into an approval stage, and then have to close the project, navigate to the workflow list, approve the item, and then navigate back to the project via the Project Center to resume where I was.

The other option, of course, was to have two browser tabs open, one to the Workflow Task List and one to the project in question – but I found that kind of annoying to keep having to do that.

So, on the theory that what is annoying to me is probably annoying to the end user, I decided to see if I could just extend the Workflow Task List to a PDP, meaning I wouldn’t have to leave the project record itself to get to the list of relevant tasks.

Turns out, it was quite easy.  Here’s the run down:

1) Take a look at the Project Workflow Tasks List.  You’ll see that each task has the Project UID embedded in it.


2) Knowing that, all we have to do is add this list to a PDP and filter on the project, and we have a customized list of workflow tasks for the specific project.  Create the PDP and add both the Project Server Workflow Tasks list and the Query String filter.  Configure the Query String filter to filter on the Project UID and pass the value to the Workflow Task List.


3) The next trick would be to identify which view you want the PDP to display.  My preference is just to show all tasks for the project, as this may be relevant to anyone looking for information about the project.


4) Add the PDP to your project and you’re good to go…


You no longer have to navigate out of the project context to review or approve workflow tasks.

Bringing Workflow Tasks to the PDP

2 thoughts on “Bringing Workflow Tasks to the PDP

  1. Indresh says:

    Hi Andrew ,

    The projectuid in project server workflow tasks list is empty , due to that I am not able to filter the list items.

    Please suggest with any solution .

  2. Das Dan says:

    Hi Andrew,


    Is there any way that we can capture the Approver comments in the worklfow, so that we can include the comments also in the email??

    Appreciate your quick response.


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