My Very First Post on the New Project Release

Much has already been said on all of the wonderful goodness that is part of the new Project that is now in technical preview.  From a blogging perspective, new releases are wonderful things as they allow us bloggers to basically rehash all of our existing posts with new screenshots and feel productive without any requirement for creativity.  Don’t worry about that, I already have a plan in place to rehash all of my standard reports into OData queries.

The main place where I would expect long time Project Server admins to get confused with the new release is probably the security model.  Some folks found it a bit confusing before, perhaps, and now that we actually have two distinct security models to choose from, that just adds to the fun.

Luckily, as part of the Project Server security refresh, we’ve gotten a nice tool that’s kind of been around for a while, but sort of vanished in 2010, and is now seemingly back for good in 2013: the View Effective Rights tool.


Now this was a tool that used to be in the Project Resource Kit for the 2007 version of Project Server.  I vaguely and probably incorrectly recall it being around for 2003…..and if the stars are in alignment, and you get things to work just right, you can still use the 2007 version in Project Server 2010.  That being said, it was never released for the 2010 version.

The way it works is basically to query the database for a specific user and his permissions to a specific project.  Based on the result, it tells you what combination of group and category permissions govern the user’s relationship with this project.

This tool was invaluable in troubleshooting security models, and as mentioned above, I still use it when I get into tricky 2010 situations – although I haven’t completely validated the performance for such.

To use, select the user, and click on Check Effective Rights.  From there, it’s pretty simple:


My Very First Post on the New Project Release

2 thoughts on “My Very First Post on the New Project Release

  1. As always an informative and entertaining article from Andrew – has given me permission to recycle some of my own content!! The VEF tool was very useful indeed in cases where people had managed to engineer peculiar circumstances as a result of editing/ransacking security settings.

    What chance the Smoke Test Utility making a comeback, that is something that was pretty useful for validating performance of early versions of Project Server.

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