Project 2013 On-Premises: The Missing Settings

For those of you just dipping your toes into the new world of Project Server, you might have noticed some key settings that are now missing from the main Server Settings screen.

The first thing you may notice are all of the missing security settings.  Here’s the default.


And here’s the same screen with all of the settings displayed.


The basic issue here is that Project Server now operates in two security modes: SharePoint and Project Server.  The default is SharePoint mode which leverages the SharePoint security model.  With some Powershell commands, we can enable the Project Server (or “Classic”) mode.

Here’s the technical reference:

Aside from that, you’ll also note that some of the settings have been moved to Central Admin – which makes them inaccessible to Project Online users.  For on-premises deployments, you’ll want to make sure that you include these on your configuration checklist.

Click on the PWA Service Application, highlight the PWA site, and select Manage.


From there you’ll see the available settings.


And just so the search engines will pick it up:

  • Queue and Database Administration
  • Manage Queue Jobs
  • Daily Schedule Backup
  • Administrative Backup
  • Administrative Restore
  • OLAP Database Management
  • Operational Policies
  • Alerts and Reminders
  • Additional Server Settings
  • Server Side Event Handlers
  • Project Site Provisioning Settings
  • Bulk Update Connected SharePoint Sites
  • Workflow and Project Detail Pages
  • Project Workflow Settings
Project 2013 On-Premises: The Missing Settings

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