Reporting on Workflow Approval Status with PowerPivot

Playing with workflow a bit this month, and trying to come up with an easy way to develop a report on workflow tasks.  Now, if you’ve used workflow in Project Server, you know that the tasks are stored in the Project Workflow Task List.


…which includes the Project UID, but may not include other custom fields such as Department or Project Manager.

So my goal for this post is to merge this table with the EPMProject_UserView table within the database and then turn it into some sort of reportable format.  And what tool should we turn to when we need to combine multiple tables from disparate data sources?   PowerPivot – which is a free download in Office 2010, and out of the box in Office 2013.

In this case, I open up PowerPivot and point it at the Project Server Workflow Task List.


Then I open another table pulled from the EPMProject table within the Reporting Database.


Then I add a join using the Project UID.


From there, it’s just a matter of adding a PivotTable into Excel…


..and after some manipulation in Excel, I end up with the following:


Not the fanciest report, but it will suffice for my purposes.

Reporting on Workflow Approval Status with PowerPivot

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