SharePoint Conference Project Server BI Linkfest

Thanks everyone for coming out to #SPC171 just now, where Microsoft’s Mike McLean and I skimmed a rock over what’s new in Project Server 2013 BI.  Looking for more?  Well, you came to the right place.

As we mentioned, we’ve got a whole slew of demos that we couldn’t quite fit into this presentation, about 150 minutes worth.  Feel free to catch these recordings from the Project Conference last March.  As you’ll see, this was presented on Project Server 2010 – but they’re equally applicable to Project Server 2013 on-premises – and mostly applicable to Project Server 2013 in the cloud.

  1. Session #1: Intro to Project Server BI
  2. Session #2: Even More of the Same
  3. Special Bonus Track: the same presentation at TechEd in June

Additionally, here’s an inventory of reports, demos, and the step by step instructions to reproduce them all:

  1. Linkfest #1: General Stuff, ODC, Visio Services
  2. Linkfest #2: Excel Services & the REST API
  3. Linkfest #3: PerformancePoint and Fun with VBA

Looking for OData reporting against Project Server?   Stay tuned for more content, but for now, this should get you started…

  1. Reporting on OData with LINQPad
  2. Creating a Major Milestones Report
  3. Creating a Cumulative Milestone Report (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
  4. Maps, Maps, Maps

Maybe some general Project Server information is more to your liking?  Yep, we’ve got some of that too.

  1. Becoming a Project Server Administrator
  2. 10 Things SharePoint Admins Should Know About Project Server
  3. 10 Things Project Server Admins Should Know About SharePoint

…and last, but not least, here’s a white paper I wrote a while back talking about the options to report against Project Server 2010.  Stay tuned to this blog and others for more Project Server 2013 fun…

SharePoint Conference Project Server BI Linkfest

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