Filtering Excel WebParts in Office 365 (Part 3)

Just wanted to close out this discussion with filtered Excel reports in Project Online with a last use case.  In yesterday’s post, I talked about how to create an automatically filtered project dashboard.  In this post, I’ll talk about another common example, creating an Excel report that filters by user.

I’ll use one of the reports I created in yesterday’s post.  This one shows project work, and allows the user to slice by resource name.


I’ll add this via an Excel Webpart to a page in my PWA site collection.  Pretty much the same as the last exercise.  The main exception is that we have a dependency on the User Profile Service being provisioned – which is the case by default in Project Online.

When passing the parameter from the Current User Filter Webpart then, we need to select the Name field, and not the user account field to be passed into the Excel report.


Throw that onto a page and login with a valid user account to confirm it all works…


…and well that’s pretty much it, but stay tuned for how we can have a bit more fun with filtered reports….and VBA…

Filtering Excel WebParts in Office 365 (Part 3)

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