Does Your Project Matter?

At the recent PMO Symposium, I attended a couple sessions on reporting and metrics, and each session mentioned something in passing that I thought was actually quite relevant.  The basic gist was that at the strategic level of the organization, only 10 or so projects really matter.  Everything else is just noise.

Not only that, but people within the organization should be able to list those top ten projects – and they should know that if there is any resource contention between those 10 projects and anything not on the list, the top projects will win.  If you can achieve this within your organization, you’re doing well in terms of communicating your values.

From an executive dashboard perspective, incorporate a mechanism to flag those projects, and provide a high level overview of how they’re doing.  As for all of the other projects within the organization…..aggregate them up to a more meaningful entity: service, asset, program, or strategic theme.

Does Your Project Matter?

3 thoughts on “Does Your Project Matter?

  1. Perfectly valid point! I think the key is “how” do you decide what those top 10 are, and make every Business Unit agree to the same critera. Especially, n the intersection of Business and IT. I think you should write about the “How” to achieve strategic criterion alignment across a multi-busines unit organization!!

    1. Stay tuned….have a post half written on that topic. The trick is to segment the portfolios such that your strategic portfolio contains the projects that map across areas and are critical to the company. The basic stuff is thrown into another portfolio and will never show on the top ten list….i.e. remove the dreck from consideration and focus on the remaining jewels to identify the top 10 projects.

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