We’re Speaking at Project Conference 2014

Well, after delivering three presentations on consecutive days at the last Project Conference in 2012, I swore to never again do so, and to keep my presentations at any conference down to a manageable number somewhere between zero and two.  You can see how well that worked as I proudly announce I will be presenting (and/or co-presenting) the following sessions in Anaheim in February:

Enhancing Value Through Socializing Your PMO: Yammer for Project Management (with the Christophe Fiessinger – now accepting candidates for mildly off color French jokes if anyone has them)

Enterprise Reporting – Business Intelligence Overview in Project Online and Project Server 2013 (with longtime partner in crime, Mr. Mike McLean)

The Epistemological Adventure: Best Practices in Enterprise Tool Deployments

I figure two co-presentations count for 1 actual presentation as Mike and Christophe will be doing all of the heavy lifting.  That still gets me in the ballpark of 2ish total presentations at one conference….sort of.   Luckily, no Earned Value this time around.  I may rue saying this, but I’ll take the Enterprise Social zealots over the EVM zealots any day of the week.

Other UMT folks will be around and presenting as well:

Integrated IT Portfolio Analysis – Going Beyond PPM and to Effectively Run the Business of IT (Ben Chamberlain and Gartner’s Donna Fitzgerald – of whom I am quite the fan)

PPM 2.0 – 4 Things You Did Not Know You Could Do With Project Server to Realize Even More ROI (Ben Chamberlain & Catalin Olteanu)

…as well as co-presenting a number of case studies with our clients.  It should be fun….


We’re Speaking at Project Conference 2014

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