PowerQuery and OData Workaround

Working on a new set of demos for Mike and my upcoming Project Conference presentation.  Figured I’d mention this little tidbit….

As I was trying to use PowerQuery to surface OData from a Project Online, I seemed to have run into the same issue that I’ve had with LINQPad, i.e. not being able to authenticate to an Office 365 client.

I tried the Fiddler trick as documented by Peter Holpar here, and everything worked just fine.  You will need to turn on the HTTPS decryption option he mentions in his post.

Note that PowerQuery’s still in beta, so perhaps they’ll have this issue resolved before RTM.


In the meantime, stay tuned for a PowerQuery post in the nearish future.

PowerQuery and OData Workaround

One thought on “PowerQuery and OData Workaround

  1. Ok – I may have spoken too soon. In this case, if you’re using the Organizational Account option, PowerQuery will work. What’s a bit confusing is that the UI isn’t quite the same with the native Excel OData interface – which doesn’t require the same hoops to authenticate.

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