Creating Status Reports with Project Online and SharePoint Designer (Part 4)

In the last several posts, we created a couple lists and the workflow logic to move data back and forth.  In this post, we’ll continue to work on the user interface to support our status reporting by creating two PDPs:

  • Custom Project Actions
  • Status Updates

Both PDPs will be pretty simple.  We’ll create a blank PDP.


…and add two webparts:

  • Query String Filter Webpart
  • List Webpart


Configure the Query String webpart to pull the ProjectUID from the URL.


…then connect it to the list to provide an automatic filter.


Repeat the same steps for the Status List PDP.  Add the PDPs to the appropriate workflow stage, and we can review what we have created…to do this, I create a new project – which triggers our new workflow to create a custom Project Action.


Click on the link to trigger our status update workflow….  We can then go to the Status List PDP to review the results:


But we’re not done.  In the next post, let’s add a couple of bells and whistles to update our status report.

Creating Status Reports with Project Online and SharePoint Designer (Part 4)

2 thoughts on “Creating Status Reports with Project Online and SharePoint Designer (Part 4)

  1. Tihana Pekanov says:


    thank you for the great blog. I have found many interested things in your posts that helped me a lot. Now I am stuck with a problem dealing with SP list and I wonder I you could help me. Namely, I need to create a SP list with 5 columns and 5 rows in which 3 of 5 columns and all rows in those columns are prepopulated and are same for all projects, while two columns are menus to choose from. This list should be a web part on a PDP and PDP needs to be assigned to an EPT. I have created a list, but the question is: how to make this list unique for a project since 2 columns are project specific and others are same for all projects? When I try to do that based on project UID (like creating status reports with Master list), my list entries are deleted when I create a new project, and I need those 3 columns and all rows to be populated since only 2 columns are important and need to be filled in by project managers. Do you have any advice that could help me with this?

    Thank you.

    1. I guess I would question why the list needs to be on the PDP? Optionally, you may be able to explore options with perhaps two lists. Create one list with the 5 columns, but set the other columns to look up values in a secondary list. In the secondary list, populate the Project UID and the values per project. Not entirely sure how that would work – but may be possible.

      Alternatively, could you use workflow to generate the list items – and leverage the initiation form of the workflow to capture the two custom columns?

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