Project Online: Step 1…Kill the Default PWA Site

After more than a year of watching folks adopt Microsoft’s Project Online, one thing we’ve noticed is that most organizations tend to have multiple Project Web Apps (DEV, PROD, Marketing, IT, etc.).  Additionally, many organizations prefer to modify the default URL to something that’s a bit more user friendly, i.e. the default site often becomes /sites/projects or something like that.

The issue is that the default button within Project Online is hardwired to go to the URL.  If that site is deleted, that button becomes useless.


One thing that we’re recommending as the standard then is to delete the default Project Web App (preferably before anyone has configured it.)


After deleting it, provision a new team site at that location, i.e. with the same url:


Grant access to everyone in the organization to this page.  And now you can create a couple of PWA sites.


….and add those links to our site at /sites/pwa.  You now have a project landing page hooked into the navigation button that can be used to redirect folks as appropriate.


Project Online: Step 1…Kill the Default PWA Site

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