Would You Wear a Winter Coat on a Hot Day?

As the Houston summer heats up and the mosquitoes launch their annual siege, the concept of summer safety comes up.  We lecture the kids on what they should wear, and how they should slather themselves with repellent and sun screen.  One thing we don’t do however, is break out their winter coats and warm mittens.

Why?  Because it’s just not appropriate.  (And I guess it could potentially kill them).

The trick is to dress appropriately to the environment you’re in.  The same is true of the PMOs that we regularly talk to.  In this time of plummeting oil prices, cost cutting, and workforce layoffs, how receptive will executive management be to the tired old trope of “We either need to get more resources to meet your requests…..or you have to stop asking us for so much stuff.”

The traditional resource management discussion will fall on deaf ears in this downturn.  In this environment, the discussion is not how to do less – but how to do more with the same or less resources.  How do we strategically cut resources but ensure the important stuff still gets done?

That’s the business case for an PMO when times are tough….and in reality, when times are doing well.

Would You Wear a Winter Coat on a Hot Day?

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